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The Bunker

The Bunker is a unique studio designed by Mike Xavier and crafted by himself and Alexander James. It is a beautiful harmony of purpose and form. The Bunker is about the people… how they use the space, and was built to encourage flexibility and change depending on the mood.

Designer Kitchen


The kitchen is a highlight in itself featuring a unique sliding countertop which can be moved to open up the living space when not in use.

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Small rooms and dwellings set the mind on the right path, large ones cause it to go astray.

– Leonardo da Vinci

Studio apartment living space designed for small space liviing


From luxurious wooden flooring, multiple hidden sleeping combinations to the rainforest shower. Every detail was scrutinized to ensure nothing was left out.

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Minimal Footprint Tree-Inspired house

Minimal Footprint Tree-Inspired house

This A-frame like cabin was designed by Danish architect, Konrad Wójcik to prove that you don’t need to clear land for new housing development. This house is perfect for 2 people and mounts on a single column to nestle perfectly into it’s surroundings and maintain a minimal footprint. A fully functioning interior divided into 4 levels… well…

Alpine refuge in the mountainous region of Skuta, Slovenia

Alpine refuge in the mountainous region of Skuta, Slovenia

Built by OFIS and designed in collaboration with Harvard University Graduate School of Design, this alpine refuge was built to withstand the elements. The design is made up of three separate modules, each with a different function. The windows open up the space to an amazing panoramic view of the valley and surrounding mountains. Everything was…

Mike Basich’s amazing self built 20m2 off the grid Cabin

Mike Basich’s amazing self built 20m2 off the grid Cabin

Mike Basich is a pro snowboarder who built an incredible off the grid cabin called ‘Area 241’ on 40 acres of land in the unknown pockets of Donner Summit, California. That’s not all he built, he’s also got his own chair lift, like a mini resort all to himself. The Cabin was built to strategically…

Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Alexander James

Alexander James


Alexander James is a talented craftsman from London. He has been at the forefront of modern luxury apartment renovations and was fundamental to the initial phases of The Bunker.

Mike Xavier


From its inception to completion, Mike was hands on with conceptualising, planning, designing, and creating The Bunker.

Charles Eames

Whoever said that pleasure wasn't functional ?

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