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Minimal Footprint Tree-Inspired house

Minimal Footprint Tree-Inspired house

This A-frame like cabin was designed by Danish architect, Konrad Wójcik to prove that you don’t need to clear land for new housing development. This house is perfect for 2 people and mounts on a single column to nestle perfectly into it’s surroundings and maintain a minimal footprint.

A fully functioning interior divided into 4 levels… well equipped for comfort and practicality.

Check out the photos of this concept design below.







Redwood Grove panorama in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, near Weott, Humboldt County, California


Video walkthrough:

Alpine refuge in the mountainous region of Skuta, Slovenia

Alpine refuge in the mountainous region of Skuta, Slovenia

Built by OFIS and designed in collaboration with Harvard University Graduate School of Design, this alpine refuge was built to withstand the elements.

The design is made up of three separate modules, each with a different function. The windows open up the space to an amazing panoramic view of the valley and surrounding mountains.

mountain cabin beautiful design three modules

Everything was put in place in one single day, each piece being secured by belts which also serve as points of support.

angled design function form and design

The design is such a natural fit with the surrounding mountains. A peaceful place to balance out a fast paced life!

OFIS-architects-alpine-shleter-skuta-akt-II-harvard-graduate-students-designboom-04-818x546 OFIS-architects-alpine-shleter-skuta-akt-II-harvard-graduate-students-designboom-03-818x545

Images by: © Janez Martincic  and © Anze Cokl

Mike Basich’s amazing self built 20m2 off the grid Cabin

Mike Basich’s amazing self built 20m2 off the grid Cabin

Off The Grid Living

Mike Basich is a pro snowboarder who built an incredible off the grid cabin called ‘Area 241’ on 40 acres of land in the unknown pockets of Donner Summit, California. That’s not all he built, he’s also got his own chair lift, like a mini resort all to himself.

The Cabin was built to strategically harness the power of the wind and sun for warmth and less shoveling! It acts much like a tree well and the stars align on his birthday to cast a shadow that connects the points of the pentagon on which he based the design on.

Mike’s always been into DIY in one way or another. He has over the years taken a huge amount of self-portraits and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to get funding to produce a book that showcases the last 15 years of imagery. He’s reached the goal, but you can still back the project here.

Self-curated Yeti ad for GoPro

The idea behind building such a place was to feel closer to the truth of existence… this is something that really resonates with me and is so inspiring to see how Mike has achieved this balance of his passions in life. Area 241 is built primarily with stones and cement with some nice added touches of solid wood. This helps to keep the maintenance low even with a natural hot tub involved. Electricity is from solar panels, water from snowmelt and heating from wood fires.

The simple life is something I feel everyone thinks about at times in their lives and Mike has managed to build his slice of freedom in the best way he knows how.

Tiny space living off the grid


Seeker Network just posted a nice clip talking to Mike and showing you around the grounds.

…and one last image of Mike Basich that will blow your mind! (giant acid drop from the heli, shot by himself of himself)